Hello! My name is Louis, nice to meet you! I'm a trans guy in my early 20's who lives in the midwestern United States. I'm a hobby artist, and my preferred mediums are digital art (I use SAI and Aseprite) and cross-stitch, though I like experimenting and trying different things. I'm currently studying web design, and I'm also a serial doodler.

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  • Horror
    • 70's & 80's horror
    • B-movies
    • Southern Gothic horror
    • Vintage/black & white horror movies
    • "Creature Feature" horror
    • Junji Ito works
    • Horror comedy
    • Arthouse horror
    • Psychedelic horror
    • Vincent Price
    • Psychological horror
    • Practical effects
  • Rhythm games
  • Roguelite games
  • Surrealism
  • Comics & animation
  • Documentaries & mocumentaries